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The curved surface of applied ─ ─ of colophony form of intaglio printing, move
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The face that general curved surface is like a toy, arc is bulgy if if circle of small dish or dish, other is like golf … ,calculator clavier, arc caves…Etc. First-rate pressworks nothing is more... than is used move imprinted means. Go however move imprint machine with edition, use copperplate or steel edition mostly. Variable of process of its plate making is very much, quality control is not easy. Plate making liquid medicine has noxiousness, affect zoology environment. The molecular grain of steel edition is very coarse, cannot behave the part with meticulous image.

German BASF offers your colophony form of intaglio printing solely, plate making is washed easily edition collect use water commonly, solution is as high as a site like force 300 lines above, special colophony component can transfer the printing ink inside groove easily. Solid colophony surface can be able to bear or endure blow achieve number portion to brush.

The plate making process of colophony form of intaglio printing:

Cut into parts edition: The size that the size that reduces must need than place is large 2 to 4 centimeter, in order to protect video brim area.

Stiletto: Cut into parts stiletto is counted according to what needing opening after edition.

Advocate exposure: The purpose of exposure is to want to will be done not have video the colophony layer with line is sclerotic because of exposure.

Wash edition: Edition material is done not have by the part of exposure sclerosis, the meeting in washing the process of edition is dissolved to be washed; Sunken Yin Wen is negative namely half those who go up is video with line.

Carbonado edition: Washing the infiltrate through when edition in Yin Wen wash edition fluid, carbonadoing the meeting in edition process is evaporated, with the hardness with reply edition enough talent.

Hind exposure: Do not need to use photographic plate. The processing of the exposure after by can make edition material increases hardness to reach fight attrition force.

German BASF offerred form of intaglio printing of several kinds of colophony, with according with you presswork demand. If be able to bear or endure,imprint level is different in having a few general reaching, imprint the Nyloprint of the quantity and the Nylograv that Gao Yin measures two kinds. Nyloprint suits simpler work, 3 kinds of ply choose to reach for you adjust the amount that take ink stick; Wait like WT 30, T 30, S 58W, S 73SW, S 73K. Nylograv suits more delicate and exquisite job, it has WSA 52 of a kind of ply, ST 52Q, ST 52K only.

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