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Silk screen prints crystal 7 colour are raised craft of specially good effect
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Because the demand of tendency of the day is mixed,presswork technical development, treatment of presswork surface groom already presented the development tide that a diversification and art turn, original Yin Jinyin silver, bronzing very hot silver, laminating, model is cut pressure concave and convex, oily (or ability in swimming) glazing, press grain to wait for treatment of specially good effect of paper surface groom to already was shown Philistine with fogyism, and the local UV that uses silk screen to print means is crystal 7 colour are raised glazing of specially good effect, namely among them a kind deeply welcome, the new technology that at present art of relatively popular paper surface groom changes treatment.

Crystal 7 colour are raised specially good effect, use ultraviolet ray namely the character of printing ink of fast solidify crystal, layer of its Chinese ink is colorless and transparent, without odour, do not volatilize, do not float after solidify yellow, the line after webby leakage imprints does not diffuse, have crystal like apparently raised dash forward now, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, smooth and exquisite, after joining white of 7 color screen, twinkling again extremely gorgeous colour, below radial illuminate, people is watched from different point of view, can blazing glorious unreal changes the art like reflection is enjoyed. It often applies at high-grade pack, bag of calendar, greeting card, label, smoke and cover of books and periodicals, be in commonly visual contrast is done on older pattern some of measurable ornament and decorate, make the product appears more vivid with decorous, let a person the visual perception of the find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind of a kind of enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave suffers, more important is originality of the manufacturing technology as a result of it, artistic design is different, use this means to undertake to presswork surface groom adds a tool, can protect print, beautification to adorn a product, can replace the protruding since laminating and part the function preventing bogus with be had the effect, particular, can produce the visual result of a kind of having a unique style, increase product class, enhance product appeal, it is the treatment means that at present very popular presswork surface decorates low cost.

It is current that silk imprints can print layer of larger handwriting or painting on all article almost, a relatively general kind of simple, mature production technology, the author thinks crystal the means of the treatment after imprinting of raised specially good effect is not 7 colour it not is belonged to, it can turn up its nose at soft imprint, smooth imprint, sunken imprint wait for production to machine craft and outshine the rest, presswork in Beijing China Print 2005 many new-style homebred hand exhibited to move on exhibition, semi-automatic, full automatic, medium high-speed platform or rolling-type silk imprint machine, making people changed the past to think silk imprints is pure only rely on traditional and manual operation, technical content is low, cannot ascend the bias of the hall of elegance, the online silk of large quantities of quantities, high rate imprints print treatment to already was place of the person of the same trade inside course of study to agree with, get applied extensively.
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