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Screen printing informal discussion -- pursuit screen printing is high quality (
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When edition of 8. drying net, should will presswork look out lap is put (avoid face of printing ink of sensitive glue regurgitate) .

9. Use at fine line to presswork reach half-tone black-and-white net edition, need to pressworking after stoving every time besmear again on the face last time or for many times sensitive glue, until presswork till level off of face sensitization sub.

10. Maintain the cleanness of the vitreous vacuum mackintosh of exposure opportunity. Is examination negative correct? Medical film face whether joint net edition? Whether does blackness achieve a requirement, put correct? Make exposure opportunity has take true time enoughly.

11. The time of exposure with correct set, hold a record. Every other 3 months or when light exposure is abate, answer time of exposure to undertake check and be adjustmented, amend.

12. Will already the net edition of exposure is far from illuminant (solar, incandescent lamp) .

13. The water that proper pressure should use when develop undertakes cleaning develop, want to make be cleaned adequately and cannot be rinsed to printing ink face especially, till the surface is not sent,slip till. Velar phenomenon can appear after the edition of sensitive glue film of underexposure is cleaned.

14. With soft and clean paper, clean dishcloth or true suction water implement absorb redundant moisture.

15. Undertake repairing net edition with relevant filling net data.

16. Will all parameter writes a network piece on: Ply, time of exposure, date, name.

Presswork the reason of precision deviation

1. In make polychromatic overprint (half-tone pressworks) when net edition, net edition is in different temperature stoving, cause consequently presswork precision produces an error.

2. The tension of net edition low or overprint (half-tone) net edition tension is different.

3. Use hair drier edition of brief drying, net is dry inhomogenous.

4. is used too old, slimsy and already plate making of metabolic screen frame, be differred as a result of screen frame stability and bring about presswork image produces deviation (these issues can detect with negative)

5. When polychromatic overprint, use network is apart from do not send.

6. Glue is blown be out of shape.

7. suffers certain factor influence to cause bear imprint content dimension produces change

Produce the account of moire

Half-tone pressworks reticle and the mistake that webby eye counts are tie-in (2.5 silk screen surrounds number should be reticle, 3.75 or 6. 25 times) .

Half-tone pressworks the angle of net edition and filar reticle appears mistake.

RZ cost is too high (should little at 8) .

Stencil heavy panel or too thin.
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