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Shallow talk about a number to presswork the technology makes medium application
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Certificate blocking type only then 1958, it is American applies at the driving licence above all, subsequently the identity gets stuck, medical treatment gets stuck, the occurrence of credit card, make card technology develops quickly, applied limits is greatly patulous, its feature is the certificate of electron blocking type that microelectronics technology development brings and computational mechanism card and the clever union that identify a technology. Because this is contemporary,the certificate technology that make is the card card technology that make.

Compare with Euramerican nation posture, domain of application of card of our country card is far still not quite extensive, applied deepness is far also not as good as developed country, but the development speed of domain of application of card of our country card and deepness is satisfactory however. 1993, as the “ Jin Ka that attachs most importance to a dot with electronic money application project ” is in our country to be started formally, this kind has intelligent sex to reach facilitate the card that carry gains ground quickly in our country, development, for open up of Information Industry of our country electron broad market.

One, card blocks sort

Common ID blocks the card that —— can regard identity identifying as one kind utility, the photograph of the person that use can be contained above. All sorts of the driver's license of the identification card that ID blocks to be applied extensively at student and employee, driver, honoured guest card, member card.

What bar code blocks —— to use international level is black and white the information data with a form grain much memory, use the earliest wait for a respect at packing label, books and periodicals, mail, can fast, close quarters numerates, appeared recently 2 dimension bar code, can store photograph of the person that hold card, information content rises substantially, facilitate add prevent bogus closely, but cannot adapt.

Magnetism () card —— magnetism () card is the one side in certificate blocking type specific locally, affix brief note of the tape that has memory information function, autograph, undertake the label of hologram, the card that after the protruding that print is piled up, makes, magnetism the function that has information memory, and autograph brief note, hologram, corresponding number, have the function of identity identifying.

Contact IC of —— of contact IC card blocks abbreviation IC card, card is enchased on card carrier (or note model) chip having IC, have the function of memory or microprocessor. Data capacity is large, can store photograph, the data of human body physiology such as dactylogram, confidential performance is good, need not rely on a database to move independently, memory can be divided into many application area, realize a calorie multi-purpose. Because above is a lot of advantage, accordingly contact IC card gets be used generally, but the puissant concussion that also is not osculatory IC to get stuck recently.
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