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The choice of equipment of ink-jet printing of old width of cloth (below)
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Printing ink of 3. dissolve the form of a drug

In ink jet domain, solvent printing ink can suit all sorts of bear imprint material, and what use bear imprint material value is relative also cheaper. Make outdoors image has better durable power especially, and its price is returned under printing ink of ability in swimming, and it need not laminating, improved manufacturing efficiency. Machine of solvent ink-jet printing developed billboard, automobile body advertisement and all domains that presswork to be entered impossibly before.

But, the defect of solvent printing ink is its are in dry process, pass solvent evaporate to arrange harmful matter to the middle of air, affect empty temperament of room inside and outside to measure. Although solvent printing ink is drier than printing ink of ability in swimming rate is rapid, but also need proper time really.

With respect to the market character, solvent printing ink is in longer won't be washed out not only inside period of time, market proportion expands at high speed instead, it still has more advantages to come firm oneself position. Manufacturer of relevant printing ink improves printing ink recipe, rolled out machine of dissolvent of printing ink of the environmental protection that does not contain harmful material dissolvent and environmental protection ink-jet printing, the dissolvent of new generation printing ink will more perfect, the harm that causes to the environment also is met smaller and smaller.

The choice of equipment of ink-jet printing of old width of cloth

Equipment of ink-jet printing of old width of cloth belongs to professional class nicety to export equipment, value does not poor. The choice pressworks equipment should notice the following.

1.Do not choose expensive, choose only right

Will tell commonly, the user should be mixed according to working property type of choice device of demand of border of estate deal with concrete matters relating to work and norms. The main use that should consider equipment at the same time is with chromatic image output is given priority to, still give priority to with literal output.

2. selects brand engine as far as possible

Because the after service of the equipment of ink jet of old width of cloth of brand manufacturer and quality respect have safeguard. If purchase ink-jet printing equipment for the first time, need develops experienced technical personnel, accordingly perfect after service is absolutely cannot little. The product of brand manufacturer is having excellent quality safeguard and technical support capacity.

When printer of ink jet of old width of cloth of choose and buy, the working characteristic that wants accurate him understanding above all and day-to-day operation ask, how much is the oldest width of cloth that should consider to print for example, the resolution need that prints image is much taller, everyday the quantity that print has after all how old, whether to need unmanned value to defend the function that print, and the ink case that should use much high capacity.
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