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Decide and maintain stocks of forme of first-rate silk screen (below)
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Of mesh, emulsion, adhesive and punched tape using up is temporary. The cost that you pay in these places is complete can from faster begin install and shorter presswork get compensating in cycle. Another element that needs a consideration is, printing machine turns of edition time decrease to whether can raise manufacturing rate, reduce each imprinted cost thereby.

A few guidelines that the person of a variety of screen frame dimension puts forward must be used for those namely below. Above all, want to draft the regulation that gives to make clear, the specification should use the screen frame of what dimension below what circumstance. Once establish such standard, people is about to use the screen frame of different measurement according to different situation. Of the arrangement that people should adopt systematization and working flow simplify will maintain the common characteristic between them as far as possible.

You need time to have a change. I am to pass normally examining his after all is what will judge a change to end item increased value or raised cost is correct. So-called value, let a client be willing to pay the thing of charge for its namely. Of course, of printing machine turn edition time forever cannot satisfactory, unless we can raise its manufacturing rate substantially through the change.

E.g. , assume a printing machine can presswork hourly 450 pages, income is 150 dollars. So it every presswork the income of a page is 33 cent (150 dollars / 450 imprint) . If you are turning,the flower needs 15 minutes to undertake adjustment to screen frame bracket in edition process, so you can presswork only in the first hour that enters production 338 pages. The cost that this raised 11 cent for each page (150 dollars / 338 imprint) . You can be in the work of aleatoric impression aspirant travel is calculated this kind, but you should realize: Live as every presswork quantitative drop off, the random that you increase in producing a course turned edition time will produce major effect to whole cost. Actually, it is deciding a work it is after all those who make money still is be out of pocket.

Screen frame inventory

Screen frame inventory is an issue that makes me love to be hated again again. Always spending the money on the thing that cannot produce beneficial result directly is wasteful. “ seed profit produces the advocate of ” to know this deeply, this is their pet phrase. Also because such, the stocks that balances screen frame becomes the crucial factor that goes on wheels to assure production.

Apparent, if you cannot find the screen frame that has equal mesh number when need, be produced with respect to meeting incur loss through delay or oneself assume pair of printing machine to undertake frontal transfer to other localities makes the expenditure with other and relevant job, these jobs not only can raise cost, and can reduce manufacturing efficiency. Apply certain proportional space to conduce to the mesh amount that reduces need processing, but this is the first pace only. Next, should be counted from mesh and dog day-to-day use state of affairs. If you are enough lucky, use the screen frame of a kind of dimension only usually, so this process can become very easy. And when you use a variety of screen frame measure, must decide which kind of screen frame suit to need black-and-white image more, perhaps use rise more convenient. Insist to record the time of two months at least, find use day of number every week maximum screen frame size and mesh number and everyday use amount. Come so, you can discover a few absorbing phenomena possibly.
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