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The choice of equipment of ink-jet printing of old width of cloth (go up)
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Ink-jet printing is a kind do not have a contact newly, without pressure, do not have forme presswork technology, the information of the memory in the computer equipment of input ink-jet printing can presswork. It still is had without edition number black-and-white common characteristic, can realize alterable information presswork. Go to printing ink from imperceptible nozzle eject with fixed rate bear imprint on content, pass next printing ink and bear imprint the interaction of content, can realize video emersion.

Does the dimension of ink-jet printing of so old width of cloth have after all how old? Will tell commonly, every is less than 850 Mm×Of width of cloth of 1 200 Mm presswork, belong to presswork commonly; And be more than or be equal to 850 Mm×Of width of cloth of 1 200 Mm presswork, can call old width of cloth to presswork.

The product everywhere of ink-jet printing of old now width of cloth is visible, this explains it is in thorough development and period of gold of big range all-pervading. Ink jet product has applied advertisement of duplicate of art of large poster, short edition, automobile body to wait for each domains, and the state that the market presents to grow quickly, the main field of ink-jet printing of old width of cloth is as follows.

1. project designs an industry. Printer of old width of cloth holds market share with place of computer CAD subdesign the biggest, will continue to grow. It is the paint of project cartography spray of main delegate to apply with CAD, the development infuse that prints the market for ink jet of our country old width of cloth vigor. The application of printer of old width of cloth in GIS domain is very wide also, these users are branch of design unit, research organization, military affairs to wait more.

Domain of 2. video output. In this domain, the development rate of printer of old width of cloth is the rapiddest. The application of this one domain basically includes ad of adornment of placard of fascia of old width of cloth of room inside and outside, advertisement, decorate and A3 width of cloth. Shadow building often also uses printer of high accuracy ink jet to print a photograph. The work of much breed, small lot suit ink-jet printing more the exercise of this kind of form, it can be quick solve sheet of 200 less than efficiently Zhang Huo market demand.

3. pressworks industry. Pressworking the link of draw a design in the industry, the effect of ink jet printer is very adjacent presswork the effect and very stable, a lot of places can use proof sheet of the output before this kind of means undertakes imprinting.

After choosing market of ink-jet printing of old width of cloth, the choice of equipment is a problem. Want to choose ink-jet printing equipment and printing ink system according to the type of the product and sendout, these need careful consideration.
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