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Decide and maintain stocks of forme of first-rate silk screen (on)
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Editor's note: The article will be told about to everybody how to use mesh and screen frame management to simplify turn the need that edition process assures to the screen frame of inventory can satisfy production at any time.

I often can see number of various webby forme, mesh and screen frame in factory of a lot of screen printing, the diversity of these equipment and amount always make me open-eyed unceasingly. But, their plate making personnel or meeting complain to me say they do not have adequate screen frame, perhaps cannot find work needs mesh. Then, I realize, this domain has not gotten the attention of people, and the attention that is badly in need of causing people.

The yield for branch of plate making of balance silk screen can, we need to consider a lot of variable factors, include among them: The choice of dimension of the standardization that mesh counts, screen frame, screen frame is the smallest with the biggest stocks ask to wait with cycle certainly. Factory of most screen printing can notice these problem —— are to be in the thought at least, but they solve these problems without the orgnaization that establishs formula of stand at attention. Here, we will discuss these elements to will produce what kind of effect, in order to facilitate you examine your case, decide oneself are in the work efficiency of this domain.

The option that mesh counts

Let us choose to begin from what mesh counts. From the point of my experience, presswork for the most part the mesh number that the factory uses is overmuch. UV pressworks the alternative of the factory is most simple, they should decide only two or 3 kinds of mesh are counted / the combination of filar diameter is OK. Be in usually, textile pressworks the factory needs about 4 or such 5 kinds of combination.

The most reasonable method, also be the most effective to me method the mesh that chooses to be able to make printing ink even pass namely and can emersion is certain the stencil of detail (webby forme) . My target is found namely can emersion detail and the mesh that can pass printing ink below the least pressure. To achieve this goal, I adjusted the scale of space and filar diameter.

When the mesh that examines manufacturer when you is expressed, with respect to meeting discovery major mesh has two kinds, 3 kinds even the filar diameter of 4 kinds of different level. They are S respectively (the smallest diameter) , T (the most commonly used diameter) , M (the medium diameter that with Yu Mou one specific mesh counts) with HD (the biggest diameter that is used at that mesh number) . When mesh counts a change, the filar diameter of each level also will be changed subsequently. Because the reticle of this one 34 micron is in 255 lines / inch S level is attributed below the circumstance, and in 305 lines / inch T level is attributed below the circumstance. These parameter are very easy and promiscuous, and for the angle from engineering, without any meanings.
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